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"Surrealism comes from the reality of Latin America."
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perdona si me olvido de ti
lo siento si agote la ilusion

Annie Clark, St. Vincent

Photographed by Sabrina Theissen

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Lykke Li | Gunshot

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"It’s not a very sane thing to try to be great all the time. You want to make something magical; you want to make something wonderful; you want to give to everybody; you want to heal people; you want to still be inspired. That’s not easy. I can cry myself to sleep because I’m not as great as Leonard Cohen, but who cares? Maybe you can’t be as great as some people, but it’s a tragedy when you don’t follow your dreams. So should I just shut the fuck up just because I’m not great? Or should I just do it because I must? It’s a complicated situation."
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i guess that no one ever really made me feel that much higher

i guess that no one ever really made me feel that much higher

"West Coast" by Lana Del Rey

boy it’s you i desire

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